Chicken Pedicures?

Here's Roxie being held like a little football for her pedicure.

The other day when I was trying to entice Ouiser to use the new chicken swing I noticed that her nails looked worse than Elvira’s. “Do chickens need pedicures??” I wondered. A quick google search indicated that yes, in fact, chickens can at times need pedicures. Often, chickens wear down their own nails into nice, […]

[Ride Recap] Orange County Farm-to-Fork Fondo

[view from my garmin] Passing the Start Line

Full disclosure – I kinda signed up for the Farm-to-Fork Fondo (Wrenegade Sports) ride because of the logo. Yes, I realize that it’s kind of like buying wine for the label, but I just couldn’t help it. Being the chicken loving cyclist that I am, how could I resist a ride that puts two gorgeous black […]

Mocha Midnights for Your Valentine


On February 5th my brand new induction range/convection stove was delivered. I was so excited that ÜH treated me to such a nice kitchen appliance that I knew exactly what the first thing I would cook in it would be… Valentine cookies sweet enough for my sweetie! But not just any Valentine cookies… Mocha Midnights! This […]

Chez Dalinois Master Chef – The Art of Losing Momentum


In my last post I talked about how I’ve been excited to embark on the monumental challenge of cooking more at home. I was really building up some good momentum to carry that New Year’s Resolution straight into February. I waited with baited breath every Friday until the new Fresh 20 menu was released. I was […]

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