VPMods: A Collapsable Chicken Porch

Permanent covered porch on Villa Pollaio

This is the third in a series of posts describing our awesome mods to our version of The Garden Coop. The instructions for The Garden Coop are all you really need to make a fantastic chicken paradise. But, if you’re like me and my dad, you can’t help but make some modifications and upgrades! Our mods are […]

Dulles Day on the Runway 5K – Chip Time 36:47!!!!


First of all, I do not call myself a runner. Sometimes I do this thing that slightly resembles running. Once I ran a half marathon; and then promptly injured myself terrifically. Maybe one day I’ll run another half marathon. But for now, I stick to 5Ks. Generally, if I’m running a 5K it’s for charity, but […]

Fashion by MyNeChimKi: Myrtle Sewalong


A few months ago I took a couple of fantastic classes at the most adorable sewing studio, Finch Sewing Studio. I’ve quilted before and dabbled in apparel but I didn’t really know what I was doing. OK, so I still don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m getting closer! And Nicole from Finch has taught me […]

The VP Girls have arrived! Now what to name them?!

Peeps in the nursery

Ever since last night we’ve been on high alert for baby chicks. The moment I got my USPS tracking number I rushed out, setup text message alerts and have been tracking the peeps as the travelled from Polk, Ohio all the way to our little post office. I got the call this morning at about […]

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