Chez Dalinois Master Chef – The Art of Losing Momentum


In my last post I talked about how I’ve been excited to embark on the monumental challenge of cooking more at home. I was really building up some good momentum to carry that New Year’s Resolution straight into February. I waited with baited breath every Friday until the new Fresh 20 menu was released. I was […]

How I Became the Chez Dalinois Master Chef

In June of 2014 I slipped quietly into the long awaited role of full-time Chez Dalinois CEO, CFO, Master Chef, and Event Coordinator Extraordinaire. It took some time to get the Master Chef title rolling at a full tilt. However, it was an unspoken resolution for 2015 to really start cooking at home more. And by […]

The Woes of Winterizing the Chicken Waterer

Duck tape protected Chicken Fountain

I knew when the baby chicks came in August that planning for winter had to start immediately. Since the little ladies would be fairly good sized pullets by the time winter rolled around I wasn’t too too worried about heating the coop, and with the location wind-breaks would be pretty easy to build up. The […]

VPMods: A Collapsable Chicken Porch

Permanent covered porch on Villa Pollaio

This is the third in a series of posts describing our awesome mods to our version of The Garden Coop. The instructions for The Garden Coop are all you really need to make a fantastic chicken paradise. But, if you’re like me and my dad, you can’t help but make some modifications and upgrades! Our mods are […]

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