Blog-worthy Muffins & I found my second calling

I regret that it has been eons since the first time I tasted these muffins and I forgot to blog about them. Cece ever so kindly reminded that when I had them back in July I said that they were “blog-worthy” and then never blogged about them. Shame on me!! They truly are blog-worthy.

Wineberry/Blackberry Muffins

Several years ago my mom and I discovered Wineberries (or Rubus phoenicolasius if you want to get technical). They’re delightful, tart… but delightful. We all but forgot about wineberries until Cece brought some Wineberry/Blackberry muffins to one of our “Movie-on-the-Barn” nights. And can I say… To-Die-For! They were oh-so blog-worthy muffins. In fact, we were so taken by them we had a photoshoot just for the muffins.

Don’t they look delicious?!

My Second Calling

This whole muffin thing came up because I helped Cece make four dozen of these fantastic muffins for her Tobacco Tweetment meeting today (long story as to why we had to make dozens upon dozens of muffins).

When the time came to take the muffins out of the pan, well, that was a bit tricky.  When Cece brought them to Movie-on-the-Barn my mom happened to be there and she’s a fantastic Muffin-taker-outter… and was able to free the muffins from the muffin tin without any fatalities.  Cece and I gazed at the muffin tin thinking if only mother were here…

But feeling up to the task, I grabbed the knife and began to work magic on the muffin tin!  Turns out the ability to free muffins unscathed from muffin tins must be genetic because I too was able to free them without any muffin fatalities.  Which, depending on how you look at it is either terribly good (i.e., more muffins for the meeting) or terribly bad (less muffins you get to eat because they’re too mangled for the meeting).

When we got to the last batch we kind of over stuff the muffin cups so I did lose a few… their tops were to heavy for their bases to support and they kind of collapsed in on themselves.  Incidentally, I got to have muffins for breakfast!!

So, if by some horrible twist of fate I lose my job, I can probably pimp myself out to a local pastry chef/bakery as their “Official Muffin-Freer.”  At least I know I have skills to fall back on…

Moral of the story…

The moral of the story is that the Wineberry/Blackberry muffins are to-die-for and they are certainly blog-worthy (sorry Cece that it’s taken me so long to blog about them).

Once the TOBACCO-TWEETMENT-MEETING is over Cece should be posting her own blog about the muffins… which includes the recipe for all those who might just be curious about how to make your very own Blog-worthy muffins (which by the way is what they will be called in my recipe catalog).  Feel free to hound her on Twitter if she doesn’t get that post up!!  @CeceSpitznas

Oh, and what’s most important is that the muffins will appear on my “Top Ten Best Desserts Ever (Home-Cooked Edition)” when that gets officially published.  Yes… I realize muffins are really a breakfast food, but I’d eat these as a dessert too…

  • And wineberries are so abundant in Virginia – just not right now so I have to wait 8 months to try this. The writing and description makes me miss summer.

    • I sometimes cheat and freeze some so that I can make these muffins in the winter time!! It’s not quite the same, but you do what you can!! I’ll bring you the recipe.

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