Bluemont 5K, Check!

It’s official, the Bluemont 951′ 5K 2010 is officially over and I finished!! I finished in 41:55 minutes… not bad considering I was shooting for finishing in 40:00 minutes, I only missed my mark by a tiny bit. I’ll say that’s pretty impressive given that I fell behind in my training program 3 entire weeks.

One of my sorority sisters was running as well with her family and she and I did a pretty good job of keeping up with each other. I’d love to say that I ran the entire thing, but unfortunately I just couldn’t stick with it. I did walk some and I definitely walked up the 350′ vertical 1/2 mile at the end, but I didn’t once stop. There were a couple of moments on the hill that I thought I was going to have to pause for a breather, but I pushed through (albeit slow at times) and I made it to the top, jogging across the finish line!!!

I took my Garmin 705 out for its first trial since it was the only piece of equipment that I had (other than my iPhone which from Melissa’s experience dies if you overtax it with music & MapMyRun). I was pleased with it’s overall performance, but it is really a cycling computer. There’s no way to change the activity in the settings to be a run or a hike… you have to just make the adjustments on Garmin Connect once you’ve uploaded.

For those who are interested, here’s the route:

I snapped this shot before starting the race, the view at 951'.

As I came around the turn to head up the 1/2 mile mountain (because seriously, who are we kidding… it’s really a mountain) my dad was standing down at the bottom. He’d been trying to make it to the vineyard before they closed off the roads but happened to miss the opportunity to get up the hill. A lucky accident, I say, because I got a little friendly cheering and a thumbs up before I had to head up the last grueling 1/2 mile. On top, my mom and DH, Steve, along with a handful of sorority sisters were there to cheer me across the finish line. As I was headed up the hill I wanted nothing more than to finish the race actually jogging, but I was starting to get worried that I didn’t have it in me. 350′ is an incredible incline for a half mile, and I’d say that really it’s the last 1/4 mile that are really severely uphill. I watched a dozen or so people in front of me finishing jogging and I knew that I was going to have to at least try. As I approached the very last stretch I reached as deep as I possibly could and tore off pumping as hard as I could. And before I knew it I was crossing the blue finishing mats… best feeling all year!

I did complete the entire thing in my Vibram Chili Sprints. I was a little nervous about it remembering that the course was a little “wonky” on the trail portion and a little rocky on the gravel portion. It didn’t really concern me until I talked to another runner before the race began who told me he had a pair of Classics and bruised the bottom of his foot really bad running in Nicaragua. So of course after that I started worrying that I might do something terrible like step on a really sharp rock and end up not making it to the finish line. But my feet were very safe and happy in the Sprints. The only bizarre thing that happened in the V5Fs was that a dandelion got stuck between my toes at one point. A little weird feeling, but not at all a travesty.

Oh! And I settled on my Lululemon Training Pant *Light (I’d just gotten them back from being hemmed and they’re perfect now), Enery SL running tank (except mine is a gorgeous peach color and it says “BREATHE DEEPLY” – because I figure I need all the help I can get), and a light Lululemon running jacket. The jacket definitely ended up being tied around my waist somewhere before 1.6 miles, but I was happy to have it in the beginning. I was perfectly comfortable in this outfit; if I’d worn shorts I probably would have frozen to death. It would have been much more pleasant if it weren’t so windy! But wind goes right through me so I think I dressed as smartly as I could have.

Sadly, I have no pictures from this event. I left the house without a camera… Maybe next time.

We’re headed out tonight to Lowery’s Crab Shack for a celebratory dinner and then to Charles Town Races & Slots for the Stakes Race. Should be fun, relaxing, and all around celebratory!

  • Melanie

    Congrats! Knew you could do it!!!!!

    • Whitney Claire

      Thanks Melanie!!

      And I know that you can do it too… just remember, slow and steady wins (finishes) the race; don’t try to push yourself too much. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to take on the C25K challenge. It’s really changed my life for the better, and I’m glad that I could inspire you to try it too!! Be sure to let me know when you decide to go out and try your first race… if I can’t be there in person, I’ll be cheering you on in spirit!

  • Good job! Speaking of Vibram Five Fingers, Melissa tried a pair on at REI and couldn’t decide if she liked them or not. I’m curious myself, but they didn’t have any for men there. I thought it was smart they added protection to the front of the toe to help with stubbing or scraping, especially during runs.

    • Whitney Claire

      I can’t tell ou the number of times that that little piece of rubber in the front has saved me! I’m such a klutz that I stub my toes all the time. I’d probably go through a pair a week if I didn’t have that added protection!

      You should find a place to try a pair… They really are awesome!

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