Disney, You Disappoint Me.

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Dear Mr. Depp:

Despite your valiant performance as a quirky Native American, your performance could not save the murderous travesty that Disney perpetrated on the great American Past when they filmed your movie The Lone Ranger.

Sincerely Yours,


Recently, ÜH and I saw Disney’s new version of The Lone Ranger.  I did this against the express warnings of some trusted advisors who said I would likely not be able to get past the glaring historical timeline issues.  However, I have a particular soft spot in my heart for Johnny Depp’s characters and hoped that Tonto would be able to quiet my nagging critic.

Oh how wrong I was!

In fact, Disney’s disservice to our great nation’s history was so offensive it will require multiple posts to discuss the complete extent of their gratuitous inconsistencies.  Though I do not believe the movie was ever touted as an accurate historical fiction film, I would highly recommend that Disney get some credible historians and geographers to review the script of future films that even so much as sniff in the direction of American History.

I will cover the major inconsistencies in the following categories:

  • Disney Thinks Time is a Vacuum
  • Disney Must Think History is Hum Drum
  •  Which Way is West? Disney Needs a Geography Lesson

I tried, I honestly did… but the atrocities committed were too horrendous to ignore.  Be forewarned, this is your spoiler warning.


  • I can’t even go see this movie. Every time I see the trailer I think, “Captain Jack Sparrow was also the Lone Ranger?” The two characters look and sound exactly the same to me, and it bugs me. Kudos to you for trying!
    limpetfan´s last blog post ..Covered In Rust

    • Whitney Claire

      Well, feel safe in the fact that you aren’t missing much.

      And you’re right… There was an element of Jack Sparrow dancing around next to Tonto. Which was weird, and some what disturbing in a swashbuckling kind of way.

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