2015 Review and The Big 2016 Adventure

In comparison to other years, 2015 was a pretty big fail for this blog. Despite being partially a stay-at-home-housewife and then only working part time, I managed only to eek out a mere 6 posts for the entire year. I refuse to even count the two blog posts that appeared in December as they were simple “copy/paste” jobs from some emails I received years and years ago. A largely futile attempt to show readers that this blog hadn’t been completely abandoned.

But I had good intentions! I found quite a few draft posts hanging around that were never written, finished, or published. They should have been. SHAME ON ME!

2015… Not Half Bad…

So I shall summarize some of my major accomplishments in 2015 for you now:

  • Three hens at Villa Pollaio raised the first ever chick babies this spring. They were wildly successful, but unfortunately produced only two more hens to add to our flock… the rest turned out to be three roosters. I am happy to report that these roosters received a fantastic home on a free-range farm, are doing splendidly, and did not get relegated to the soup pot!
  • I learned not only how to use the zero-turn mower, but how to reinstall the belt when it conveniently popped off many times during the course of mowing our 2 acres.
  • We actually have our very own compost now… from our very own stuff! That will be exciting to use for the 2016 gardening season!
  • I spent 10 glorious months as a bike mechanic at our local bike shop, reconnected with my love for cycling, got PAID to bike, and realized my dream by building a (*cough*many*cough*) bicycles from scratch. I’m thrilled with my newly acquired skills and hope that I’ll be able to use them in years to come!
  • Over all, my cycling took a turn for the better! In 2015, I rode 1365.2 miles and climbed 50,164 feet. I completed two metric centuries and met countless other wonderful cyclists. Next year will be different, but I know it will be a whole new adventure.
  • Ryder the Dog started a new career in K9 Nosework and we came to the unhappy conclusion that our days in the flyball lanes were over. While it was a bittersweet decision, Ryder is just not the flyball replacement I was hoping for and Magnolia the Spotted Wonder dog is enjoying retirement way too much to try to pull a “Shaq is Back” routine!

There was a time when 2015 looked incredibly bleak and I was prepared to log it in the record books as one of the worst years ever. But looking back on that list, I’d say it wasn’t half bad! Of course, there were some things that turned into epic fails for 2015.

  • Our household garden never actually got planted! Oops. The only crop that we harvested was garlic because I managed to get that planted back in the fall of 2014.
  • I had high hopes of really getting some wonderful aromatherapy products out there on Etsy and on my Chez Dalinois website, but alas… I didn’t manage to get anything done there. Not only that, the website was in a shambles for most of the year and is only moderately restored to something that I can work with.
  • I completely missed out on NaNoWriMo 2015. It was my ultimate goal to make a triumphant return to writing last year. But it was so far off my radar that I didn’t even bother thinking about the barest of plot devices.

2016… New Year… New Adventures…

But enough of all that talk of 2015! That year is OVER and we’re moving on to bigger and better things…

My cousin and I have begun referring to 2016 as The Best Year Ever. There are so many upcoming epic adventures that I can’t wait to share with you. So I’m making it my goal and pledge to do better about blogging and actually get some of these drafts off of the drawing board and onto the inter webs!

The biggest news? Well, Chez Dalinois is officially increasing by one factor… No more fur-kids for this family we’re actually having a real, two-legged, tiny human! Expected arrival date is sometime around the end of May, beginning of June. That means that we’ve got five months of exciting planning to do!!

We're Having A BABY!

Second biggest news?? My dearest cousin, Maria (also often referred to as my cousin-sister) IS GETTING MARRIED!! We were thrilled when we heard that her boyfriend of seven years finally proposed. So, in September we’re going to have the wedding of the year!!! I am more than touched and honored that she asked me to stand beside her as her Matron of Honor.

And third news, in preparation for our little upcoming bundle of joy, I’ve transitioned back to stay-at-home-soon-to-be-mom and will hopefully be getting back to turning Chez Dalinois into an even happier home!

Looking Forward To More MyNeChimKi

If you’re wondering what you might see next on the pages of this blog, here are just a few things I’m hoping to share with you:

  • 2015 Scrabble Tournament Results
  • Dale’s Birthday Fudge-Off Adventure
  • Maria’s Bridal Shower French Macarons
  • Baby Nursery Planning
  • Sewing for Baby!
  • Catching Up on Villa Pollaio Modifications
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