I’m a Jamberry Consultant!!!!!

I’m so excited to announce that yesterday I officially became an Independent Jamberry Consultant! “Oh, Jamberry?” you’re thinking, “Aren’t those those little nail stickers?” Well, my friends, they are so much more than nail stickers!! In fact, they’re not stickers at all! So here are some great little tidbits of info for you about Jamberry and their products.

Did You Know…

Did You Know Jamberry Nail Wraps aren’t even stickers at all?

Jamberry Nail WrapsThey’re heat and pressure-activated vinyl nail wraps. That means that they form a seal with your nail and are protected against water, dirt, and life! These wraps safely protect your nail, don’t chip, scuff or scratch, and last about two weeks on fingernails (and I’ve heard that they last nearly six weeks on toenails)!!

Did You Know you can get a manicure for under $4 with Jamberry?

One sheet of nail wraps costs $15. Now let’s do some math…

  • Each sheet contains enough wraps to do 2 full sets of fingers AND 2 full sets of toes
  • That means that one manicure or pedicure comes out to about $3.75!

Granted, we are talking about a DIY mani/pedi here so you’re not gonna get an awesome foot massage while you’re applying your nail wraps…. UNLESS your dear hubby, significant other, or bestie is willing to help you out with that. But come on!! $3.75 for a mani/pedi???? Yeah, I’ll take that any day!

Jamberry Nail CareDid You Know you’re not just limited to nail wraps?

Jamberry has a fantastic product line that includes hand and nail care, nail polishes (lacquers), and even a wonderful at-home gel nail system (the TruShine nail suite). So, if the 400+ nail wraps aren’t enough for you to choose from, I promise, Jamberry’s got something for everyone.

Did you knowJamberry’s products are made in the good ole USA?

Yup that’s right. By purchasing Jamberry nail wraps you’re supporting our at-home economy.

How To Get Started!

Ok, so maybe I’ve piqued your interest in this product line (I hope so!)… now how do you get started? Well, first off, visit my webpage:

After you’ve browsed around a little bit, you should check out this application video:

Best of all, if you want to try this amazing product out all you need to do is fill out the contact form below and let me know you want you a free sample! Nothing to lose!!

Jamberry Sample Request

I am an independent Jamberry Consultant. I am provided with compensation for all sales made on my Jamberry webpage. At times I may receive free product samples from Jamberry. All of the opinions and reviews provided on this blog regarding Jamberry products are my own. I am not paid or compensated for reviews of their products.

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