Mani Monday: 31-Day Jamberry Hand Care Challenge

I’m so excited for March! My mom is doing a 31-Day Jamberry Hand Care Challenge starting on March 1st. This winter hasn’t be kind on her hands, coupled with the incredibly hard water in our area, her hands, nails, and cuticles are a mess!! I’ve really been enjoying Jamberry’s Cuticle Oil and Nourish, their fantastic hand cream. But I wanted to put these products to the test. So, for 31 days, my mom will be exclusively using Jamberry’s hand and nail care line to try to get her hands back into beautiful shape.


We took the following pictures yesterday to give you an idea of what she’s starting with. The main issues are: dry, cracked skin; over grown cuticles; and ridged, brittle nails.

The Products

Given the shape that her hands were in, I decided that we should break out the “big guns.” Jamberry has a fantastic Indulgence Hand Care set that contains four products that are all designed to work together to keep your hands healthy and looking beautiful. Indulgence comes with a tube of their signature hand lotion, Nourish, and three other exclusive products, Quench (a cuticle balm), Cleanse (a gentle hand wash), and Buff (an exfoliating sugar scrub). I also added in their Cuticle Remover Pen and the classic Cuticle Oil.

The Routine

For the next 31 days this is the routine that my mom will be utilizing:

Daily: Cuticle Oil (during the day as needed), Nourish Lotion (as needed for dryness), Cleanse Hand Soap, Quench Cuticle Balm (nightly)

Weekly: Cuticle Remover Pen and Buff Sugar Scrub Exfoliant

Throughout the month we’ll check in and let you know how the challenge is going! I can’t wait to see the results!!

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