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All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men

“Don’t you think you’d be safer down on the ground?” Alice went on, not with any idea of making another riddle, but simply in her good-natured anxiety for the queer creature. “That wall is so very narrow!”

“What tremendously easy riddles you ask!” Humpty Dumpty growled out. “Of course I don’t think so! Why, if ever I did fall off — which there’s no chance of — but if I did –” Here he pursed up his lips, and looked so solemn and grand that Alice could hardly help laughing. “If I did fall,” he went on, “the King has promised me — ah, you may turn pale, if you like! You didn’t think I was going to say that, did you? The King has promised me — with his very own mouth — to — to –“

“To send all his horses and all his men,” Alice interrupted, rather unwisely.

“Now I declare that’s too bad!” Humpty Dumpty cried, breaking into a sudden passion. “You’ve been listening at doors — and behind trees — and down chimneys — or you couldn’t have known it!”

“I haven’t indeed!’ Alice said very gently. “It’s in a book.”

From Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass

Why We Need Peeps

When Humpty Dumpty fell of his wall he cracked into a million tiny pieces and no one could help him (unless you read Jasper Fford in which case you know that Humpt Dumpty just hatched).  I feel very strongly that if you surround yourself with fantastically wonderful people, they will all be there to break your fall if you should ever topple from your ever so narrow wall.

The King’s Horses & Men

I’ve got tons of people that I love dearly and who are always there for me.  I thank them for that.  Some of them have web presence.  Because I love them so dearly I think you all should check them out.  They’re smart, funny, fantastically wonderful people who have a great deal to share with the world.

The Sum of All My Parts

I’m also not able to portray the whole of “me” in one place.  I’m too complex (my husband will attest to that in heart-beat).  Therefore, if I’ve been hiding from my blog, you can find me other places if you need to.  I’m usually fairly easy to find since I go through various phases where different shiny things catch my eye and lead me off onto a different web tangent.

My Favorite Things

Finally, I’ve spent my whole life doing research.  I research everything.  Anything I start must be proceeded with tons of research; and beta testing.  Therefore, I like to think that I’m somewhat of an expert on things.  I’d like to share some of these things with you.  You can find them here, take my comments to heart or with a grain of salt.  But if you think that maybe you can benefit from all my research then my job is done.  Enjoy them.

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