Becoming an Athlete 2010

I was never an athlete in my earlier years.  Sure, as a kid I did what kids did and ran around outside and played.  But I never played soccer on a team, never played t-ball, didn’t join the swim team, generally did not participate in organized sports.  This carried through High School.  I was actually, if it’s possible, the antithesis of an athlete.  With that said I wasn’t fat or incapable, I just didn’t like it.  The whole idea of mandatory practice really got on my nerves.

This has changed a lot as I’ve gotten older.  I go to flyball practice every week (dog sport) and I’ve taken up running and biking.  I found that I’m much better at completing my workouts when I’m accountable for my actions.  Thus the following pages are my training logs.  Here you’ll find:

  • Couch to 5K
  • Training logs for my bike trip to Italy
  • Training logs for the 2011 Muddy Buddy biathalon
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