Fascinating Blogs You Shouldn’t Miss!

I respect others’ writing.  And now I defer to them for their musings.

The Table Has Shoes (and Other Ambiguities) – This is my dear friend’s blog.  She cracks me up.  Seriously.  Read it for a good laugh, but don’t be surprised if she wows you with her intellect.  She’s smart too.  How did I get to be so lucky to have a friend like that?  She’s on Twitter too.

Melissa, Oh? – She’s great.  She was one of my Twitter NaNoWriMo buddies this past year (2009).  However, I adore her so much I now have to keep up with her full time on her blog and her twitterfeed.

Gold Feather Photography – Jim’s actually my flyball captain.  But he’s also a very talented photographer.  Jim’s photos have been featured on the WhatBird and are receiving some very well deserved acclaim.  He’s just launched his very first website (other than Flickr), so please stop by and check it out.

How Not to Write – Jamie is awesome.  He was so very generous for the 10th anniversary of NaNoWriMo by giving away halos.  And then, he had tons of guests posters on his blog to make NaNoWriMo even more fun and more communal!  Love it, love it, love it.  (He was nice enough to let me guest blog as well!)

Shon Bacon: a true wordsmith – Another blog that I read from my NaNoWriMo09 Twitter group.  Shon is a brilliant writer.  I aspire to be even a tiny bit like her one day.

Devablogger (Devaburger) – Friend from High School who I reunited with over Twitter / Flickr / internet-goodness.  She can knit.  Really well.  I wish that I could produce beautiful things out of wool.  I am untalented in that way.  I envy her.  (BTW, she has an Etsy store.)

Light, Bright and Sparkling – I met the author on Twitter during NaNoWriMo 2008 (are we seeing a trend here?) and he instantly captured my attention.  In fact, he snuck into my novel currently unnamed novel about computer geeks, kidnapping, and the Chinese Mafia.  He was supposed to just be a little spin-off character to add some color.  But Jon has more presence than a spin-off.  I’m currently working out how he can fulfill a greater role in the novel.  I read his blog to breathe life into his character.

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