Links to Other Parts of MyNeChimKi.

I’m all over the place on the web.  Here’s where you can find me if I’ve been hiding from my blog.

Hit the Spot: Canine Massage – If your pooch is a little tight, I can fix that.  Surprise, surprise!  One of my many talents includes being a certified Canine Massage Therapist (see below for the fantastic school I attended to get my CMT training).

Twitter Me – I’m addicted to this little social networking microblogging too.  My DH thinks its silly.  But if you’re into that, friend me.

My profile on Flickr – There’s really no rhyme or reason to what I post.  Sometimes I post the best stuff, other times I just post what I think was funny or immediately relevant.  Feel free to comment or critique!

The Sum of All My Parts – is supposed to offer the “centralized you” on the web.  I guess is the centralized me.

Facebook – I love it and hate it.  First of all, I have to admit there stuff on my Facebook that you’ve got to actually know me or have developed a trustworthy relationship you to have privy to.  So, you can try to add me as a friend, but don’t be offended if I ignore or decline your request.  I might just be waiting to get to know you better.  It helps if you send me a little message letting me know where I know you from… speeds up the process a bit.

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