Scrabble Tourney 2010

The 2009 Scrabble Tournament went so well we’re continuing the tradition into 2010. Use this page to keep up with the latest news and players stats.

News & Updates

18 January 2010

Looks like the Scrabble Tournament 2010 will be going on an indefinite hiatus. We have have some family members doing some traveling, and unless we can find a way to play long distance Scrabble (long distance chess didn’t work out so well for my dad back when he was living in Alaska — kitties like to “help” rearrange the board), we’ll have to just wait until everyone returns home from their travels!

Game board pictures are now live!

Another new addition this year will be posting of the final game boards! After each game, you can view our final game boards on the new page “Scrabble Tourney 2010 – Game Board Pictures.” This page can be accessed from the Scrabble Tourneys! menu in the nav bar.

13 January 2010

The 2010 Scrabble Tournament is off to a great start! Well, actually it’s off to a pathetic start. By this time last year we had already played five games and were well on our way to Scrabble overload. Despite the slow start, we’re still committed to making this year more competitive than ever.

This year we’re seeing a little change in the rules.

Rule #1: Determining the order of play

The loser of the game will play first during the next round; the other players draw tiles in reverse order according to their placement to determine their order of play (i.e., 3rd place draws first, 2nd place draws second, etc…)

This is a hold-over rule from 2009

Rule #2: Extra Points for Bingos

Instead of the customary 50 additional points awarded for using all 7 tiles in one turn, a player will receive 10 points per letter played in their following turn. Thus, for a player to receive 50 additional points for their bingo, in the turn immediately following the round they must play a five letter word. A six letter word will award the player 60 additional points. Playing another 7 letter word will only award the player an additional 70 points, it will not continue to compound as in the type of scoring that you find in 10-pin bowling.

This is a new rule for 2010

Game Stats

Number of games: 2

Good words: …

Controversial words: …

Words challenged and thwarted: pawings, cloan, journy, vib …

Bingos that never made it to the board: …

Player Stats

Gary (Dad)

Total Points: 388
Best Game: 202
Number of Wins: 2
Number of Bingos: 0
Number of Challenges Lost: 1

Jean (Mom)

Total Points: 262
Best Game: 141
Number of Wins: 0
Number of Bingos: 0
Number of Challenges Lost: 0

Steve (DH)

Total Points: 157
Best Game: 83
Number of Wins: 0
Number of Bingos: 0
Number of Challenges Lost: 3

Whitney (me!)

Total Points: 247
Best Game: 143
Number of Wins: 0
Number of Bingos: 0
Number of Challenges Lost: 0

To clarify: in the Player’s Stats, Number of Bingos refers to the number of times a player has been able to use all 7 tiles in one go.

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