The 16 Minute Club: Prenatal Box

I am a sucker for a good subscription box! It should come as no surprise that when I found out that there was an awesome breastfeeding support subscription box I jumped at the opportunity to order. What is the 16 Minute Club? The 16 Minute Club is a home delivery, subscription box designed to support breastfeeding […]

Tutorial: Burp Cloth with Perfect Flying Geese

I can’t recall where I came across it first (Pinterest? Google?) but in all my excitement and motivation to make things for the new baby I found this adorable burp cloth tutorial. And then I thought, “What if I just take this a one step further?” I’ve got more than a metric ton of fat […]

A Barbie for Every Body

Barbie has announced that over the next year they’ll be releasing 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles (among other things such as fashion, accessories, and professions). This is unprecedented! I’m so excited to see all of that diversity. And maybe it was pregnancy hormones, but when that little girl […]

A Blizzard of Productivity: Crib Bedding and More!

Over the weekend, 30+ inches of snow dropped onto our area. When I heard the forecast on Wednesday of last week I was unconvinced. Even still, I went to the grocery store and stocked up on the essentials (milk, toilet paper, frozen pizza). Thursday came and the models really only got worse. We were squarely […]

Oh Baby! Creating a Color Pallet

With baby on the way designing and planning the nursery is at the top of my list. I guess you could say I’m nesting? Paint and fabric were at the top of the priority list. After all, there’s so much to do and only so much time to do it in!! Paint… Wall Colors… Trim… […]

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