The Woes of Winterizing the Chicken Waterer

I knew when the baby chicks came in August that planning for winter had to start immediately. Since the little ladies would be fairly good sized pullets by the time winter rolled around I wasn’t too too worried about heating the coop, and with the location wind-breaks would be pretty easy to build up. The […]

Porch Planters – Version 3.0

Two years ago I bought a couple of gorgeous self-watering planters from Gardeners Supply.  I ran right out and bought gorgeous plants to go in them.  They were magnificent.  Last year, I tried to go all “version 2.0” and had delusions of grandeur.  Sadly, the plantings fell flat.  Nothing worked out and for a reason […]

Tomato Taste-test Fail

I wouldn’t say that the tomatoes from my 2011 gardening experiment were a great success, and yet they weren’t a failure either. The tiny container Bitonto Cherry was prolific and delicious. My Matt’s Wild Cherry got off to a rough start, but in the end it practically took over the tomato trench. I learned that […]

E-Scape in Early Summer

Some time around early June my garlic sent up these tall curly cues. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with them and thought that maybe the would flower or something. A friend of mine told me that the garlic would do this but for some reason I was completely unprepared. He also said that […]

Why I’m in Need of a Turkey Baster for My Squash

Last year one of the worst failures of my garden were my squash plants. Epic fail is really more like it. No matter what methods I tried, I couldn’t make my squash grow if my life had depended on it (and thank goodness it didn’t). Summer squash, zucchini, winter squash… it was all the same. […]

2012 Plans for the Veggie Garden

Welcome to the 2012 edition in the collective blog series: Painting Our Black Thumbs Green. You can find other related posts in Veggies Squared. This blog meme is held in conjunction with Christina of The Table has Shoes and Other Ambiguities. Last year we both conducted fairly successful experiments in edible gardening… and this year […]

Lettuce in January? 2011 Garden Experiment.

I can hardly believe that I harvested the last of my lettuce yesterday… January 1st, 2012.  Most of it actually still looked really good, but I thought that my luck would shortly run out with the absence of any killing frosts.  After all, we don’t live in the Deep South, Virginia’s weather is bound to […]

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