The Woes of Winterizing the Chicken Waterer

I knew when the baby chicks came in August that planning for winter had to start immediately. Since the little ladies would be fairly good sized pullets by the time winter rolled around I wasn’t too too worried about heating the coop, and with the location wind-breaks would be pretty easy to build up. The […]

The Joys of Dog Ownership

If you’ve been a follower of my blog you would know that I’m a huge dog lover. And we’re also gluttons for punishment, owning two Dalmatians and a Belgian Malinois. Being out numbered by canines ensures that life is never dull. With the days getting shorter and the weather not cooperating very much we’re all […]

Something From Nothing Waffles

It’s not all bad being snowed in.  There are, after all, always waffles. After DH and I awoke and realized that through the night the town had not bothered to plow our street we settled in to be stranded until his father was finished with the heavy equipment.  DH suggested that we make the best […]

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